Marian Costea

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The ‘Morelos’ accessions of Amaranthus from Mexico demonstrate taxonomic ambiguity at the basic morphologic level. The main cause is the enormous morphological and genetic variation exhibited by the species in the genus. Although basic morphological criteria can be applied to herbarium specimens or germplasm collections for quick taxonomic identification,(More)
A clinical-psychological study was carried out in 224 insulin-dependent diabetic patients, distributed into two groups according to the frequency of hypoglycemic episodes. Group. A included 124 patients, 65 men and 59 women (mean age 35 +/- 18 years), who reported frequent episodes of hypoglycemia (HG). In the 100 patients of group B (46 men and 54 women(More)
In many papers, the good behavior in operation and benefits offered by a certain type of insulator, classic (toughened glass or porcelain) or composite (fiberglass core and silicone rubber) for overhead lines, is often exaggerated and compared only with the disadvantageous characteristics of the other type of insulator. This paper present both the(More)
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