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As Java is being considered an appropriate environment for high performance computing, the interest arises in combining it with existing code written in other languages. Portable Java to native code interfaces may be developed using the Java Native Interface (JNI). However, as a low-level API it is rather inconvenient to be used directly thus the higher(More)
An application pull has occurred in biomedicine with the move to in silico studies, which augment in vivo and in vitro studies by simulating more details of biomed-ical processes. Using these simulated processes helps medical doctors make decisions by exploring different scenarios. Preoperative simulation and visualization of vascular surgery 3 and expert(More)
Automatic composition of workflows from Web and Grid services is an important challenge in today's distributed applications. The system presented in this paper supports the user in composing an application workflow from existing Grid services. The flow composition system builds workflows on an abstract level with semantic and syntactic descriptions of(More)
This article presents the design and feasibility of a system that supports execution of High Level Architecture (HLA)–distributed interactive simulations in an unreliable Grid environment. The article presents an overall architecture of a system based on experience gained from previous designs. The most important operational components of the system are(More)