Marian Bielecki

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Our purpose was to investigate the maternal plasma and amniotic fluid interleukin-6 levels in women with preterm labour. The present study was designed to evaluate IL-6 levels in 93 pregnant women with threatened preterm labour and 40 normal pregnant. Maternal blood samples were collected by routine forearm venipuncture at admission during routine(More)
The authors estimated the biocenosis of vagina in women before delivery. The examination were made upon 50 women between 28 and 40 week of pregnancy and on the third day after delivery; comparing the results of estimation the purity of vagina and bacterial inoculations in two groups of pregnant women:-control group (without G-P 150 treatment) and in group(More)
Statistically significant rises in LDL (low density lipoprotein) concentrations, low cholesterol levels, and total lipid levels significantly below those recorded from newborns of clinically intact mothers were established from newborns of mothers with moderate and severe EPH gestosis. The above parameters did not deviate largely from the normal in patients(More)