Marian Beard

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A description is given of the Xerox 8010 Star information system, which was designed as an office automation system. The idea was that professionals in a business or organization would have workstations on their desks and would use them to produce, retrieve, distribute, and organize documentation, presentations, memos, and reports. All of the workstations(More)
One aspect of tutoring skill for technical subjects is individualized, adaptive sequencing of the problems given to students as learning exercises. A Curriculum Information Network (CIN) describes the relationships between the problems in a CAI curriculum and the concepts and skills that they are intended to teach. It is a basis for selecting problems for(More)
The BASIC Instructional Program (BIP) was developed to investigate tutorial modes of interaction in computer-assisted instruction (CAI). BIP is a problem-solving laboratory that helps students while they are solving introductory programming problems in the BASIC language. The problems are presented in an individualized sequence based on a representation of(More)
Atrophic vaginitis is not only treatable but preventable. Because the vagina is an estrogen-dependent organ, the mainstay of management is estrogen replacement therapy, which should be initiated with the onset of ovarian decline at menopause or when a woman presents with symptoms of atrophic vaginitis. Lubricants and vaginal moisturizers may be useful(More)
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