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Ivan Sutherland's Sketchpad is one of the most influential computer programs ever written by an individual, as recognized in his citation for the Tur-ing award in 1988. The Sketchpad program itself had limited distribution — executable versions were limited to a customized machine at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory — so its influence has been via the ideas that(More)
x crox introduced the 8010 " Star " Information System in April of 1Y8 I. That introductton was an important event in the history of personal computing because it changed notions of how interacttve systems should be designed. Several of Star's designers. some of us responsible for the origmal dectpn and others for recent improvements, describe in this(More)
One aspect of tutoring skill for technical subjects is individualized, adaptive sequencing of the problems given to students as learning exercises. A Curriculum Information Network (CIN) describes the relationships between the problems in a CAI curriculum and the concepts and skills that they are intended to teach. It is a basis for selecting problems for(More)
A BASIC Instructional Program is being developed as a vehicle for research in tutorial modes of computer-assisted instruction (CAIJ. Several design features will be appropriate to training in other technical areas and applicable in other instructional settings where the development of analytic and problem-solving skills is a goal. Methods are incorporated(More)
The BASIC Instructional Program (ElP) was developed to investigate tutorial modes of interaction in computer-assisted instruction (CAT). BIF is a problem-solving laboratory that helps students while they are solving introductory programming problems in the BASIC language. The problems are presented in an individualized sequence based on a representation of(More)
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