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This study investigated communicative competence in autistic children. Six autistic boys were matched to six children with Down syndrome on age and language level. For each child four samples of spontaneous speech over the course of 1 year were analysed. Child utterances were coded for adjacency, contingency and various categories of contingent discourse(More)
Findings from a longitudinal study of language acquisition in a group of autistic children are presented. Six autistic subjects and six children with Down syndrome, matched on age and MLU at the start of the study, were followed over a period of between 12 and 26 months. Language samples were collected in the children's homes while they interacted with(More)
Mood induction procedures (MIPs) have been used extensively as a means of inducing a variety of mood states in laboratory settings. Recently, MIPs have been employed in a repeated measures design in combination with such techniques as functional imaging and psychopharmacological investigations. This study attempted to assess the repeatability of two(More)
Drosophila larvae reared inside a micro-metal box with an internal field strength 0.004 microT, were treated with a magnetic field of 50 Hz, 8 microT. for 20 min. Control experienced 0.004 microT. Cellular transcript levels were assessed using slot blots and quantified using a Phosphorimager. Blots were hybridised using probes against HSP 70a, Histone 1.9,(More)
The 1983 National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) guidelines for a premenstrual syndrome (PMS) diagnosis were applied to Daily Rating Form (DRF) data in a prospective research study. The use of two sets of criteria, each consistent with the NIMH guidelines, resulted in prevalence rates of 44% and 17%. The authors discuss other problems in defining a(More)
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