Mariamma Philips

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BACKGROUND The aim of this study is to determine the preferences and perspectives regarding the Quantiferon TB Gold test for the diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) in India. A survey was distributed among 46 uveitis specialists, rheumatologists, and pulmonologists with a minimum of 2 years experience in the management of tuberculosis, in order to restrict the(More)
In the province of Kracheh, in Northern Cambodia, a baseline epidemiological survey on Schistosoma mekongi was conducted along the Mekong River between December 1994 and April 1995. The results of household surveys of highly affected villages of the East and the West bank of the river and of school surveys in 20 primary schools are presented. In household(More)
AIM To look for clinical parameters that will assist in making a diagnosis of tubercular or sarcoid uveitis in a South Indian patient population METHODS Retrospective, nonrandomized, comparative study of 51 patients with a diagnosis of biopsy-proven tuberculosis and sarcoidosis. These patients had a minimum of 1-year follow-up after initiating treatment(More)
AIM To review the results of QuantiFERON TB gold (QFT-G) in our patient population of presumed ocular tuberculosis and the effect of antitubercular therapy (ATT) on the QFT-G result. MATERIALS AND METHODS Retrospective review of 82 cases of presumed ocular tuberculosis with a successful response to ATT and 6 months follow-up post-ATT. Appropriate(More)
AIM To analyze the clinic profile of polymerase chain reaction proven viral anterior uveitis in a south Indian patient population. MATERIALS & METHODS Retrospective, nonrandomized study between January 2009 and July 2012. RESULTS Out of the 36 patients with polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-positive viral anterior uveitis, 24 patients had varicella zoster(More)
PURPOSE To review the role of high resolution chest computed tomography (HRCT) in ocular sarcoidosis in a high TB endemic population. METHODS This was a retrospective study. RESULTS Out of 140 cases, 54 had ocular sarcoidosis, while 86 cases had ocular tuberculosis. Abnormal HRCT findings was noted in 52 cases (96.3%) of ocular sarcoidosis compared with(More)
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