Mariam Zomorodi Moghadam

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Heart disease is still a growing global health issue. In the health care system, limiting human experience and expertise in manual diagnosis leads to inaccurate diagnosis, and the information about various illnesses is either inadequate or lacking in accuracy as they are collected from various types of medical equipment. Since the correct prediction of a(More)
Reversible logic is very lots of in demand for the long term computing technologies as they are known to supply low power dissipation having its applications in Low Power, Quantum Computing, nanotechnology, and Optical Computing. during this paper, we have got given and implemented reversible Wallace signed multiplier circuit in ASIC through changed(More)
The presented work provides a procedure for optimizing the communication cost of a distributed quantum circuit (DQC) in terms of the number of qubit teleportations. Because of technology limitations which do not allow large quantum computers to work as a single processing element, distributed quantum computation is an appropriate solution to overcome this(More)
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