Mariam Tariq

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This paper explores the use of texts that are related to an image collection, also known as collateral texts, for building thesauri in specialist domains to aid in image retrieval. Corpus linguistic and information extraction methods are used for identifying key terms and semantic relationships in specialist texts that may be used for query expansion(More)
‘Integrated’ classification refers to the conjunctive or competitive use of two or more (neural) classifiers. A cooperative neural network system comprising two independently trained Kohonen networks and co-operating with the help of a Hebbian network, is described. The effectiveness of such a network is demonstrated by using it to retrieve images and(More)
The Encyclopaedia Britannica’s (EB) definition of ontology as “the theory or study of being as such; i.e., of the basic characteristics of all reality” has been overtaken in recent years by the use of “ontology” to describe the representation of information such that it can be reasoned over, which some consider to be “knowledge”. Sowa’s view of ontology as(More)
Necrotizing fasciitis (NF) is a rare but life-threatening medical and surgical emergency. It is characterized by necrosis of the soft tissue leaving the overlying tissue unaffected, which delays the diagnosis and treatment. Delay in recognition of the severity of necrotizing fasciitis might lead to serious morbidity and mortality. Diagnosis of NF relies on(More)
Methods In this randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, we recruited women aged 16 years and older with a clinical diagnosis of post-partum haemorrhage after a vaginal birth or caesarean section from 193 hospitals in 21 countries. We randomly assigned women to receive either 1 g intravenous tranexamic acid or matching placebo in addition to(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the knowledge and attitudes towards handwashing of clinical year medical and dental students and health-care professionals (HCPs) working in the departments of medicine, surgery, dentistry, nursing, and physiotherapy in Lahore, Pakistan. METHODOLOGY This was a cross-sectional survey conducted during May and June 2016. After approval(More)
Visual attention derived from early visual features has been shown to be an important component of the human visual system. This paper investigates the possible influence of individual features on the attentional process when asked to draw gaze towards human targets. It is hypothesised that motion is an important early feature for the visual discrimination(More)
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