Mariam Lahami

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This work focuses on testing the consistency of distributed and adaptable systems. In this context, Runtime Testing which is carried out on the final execution environment is emerging as a new solution for quality assurance and validation of these systems. This activity can be costly and resource consuming especially when execution environment is shared(More)
Today, adaptable and distributed component based systems need to be checked and validated in order to ensure their correctness and trustworthiness when dynamic changes occur. Traditional testing techniques can not be used since they are applied during the development phase. Therefore, runtime testing is emerging as a novel solution for the validation of(More)
Dynamic deployment of software components and services constitutes a solution for enhancing the addictiveness of distributed software systems. Such a property is necessary for the evolutionary systems that need to adapt their behaviour according to the changes in their application-level requirements or context situations. Therefore, this chapter looks for a(More)
In this paper, we propose an incremental software development process that addresses reliability concerns, from early to late stages of software development. Contrary to existing techniques, in our proposal we merge two dependability means: fault prevention and fault forecasting techniques in order to build reliable distributed software systems. The design(More)
Service-based systems are operating in dynamic environments characterized by continual changes such as requirement evolution, service crash or service unavailability. In this context, improving the quality of these systems after such evolution is highly demanded. With the aim of checking their behaviors at runtime and detecting faults introduced after(More)
Runtime testing of dynamically evolvable systems is known as a complex and challenging activity. Undesired side effects may be introduced as the interference between test cases and business functionalities of the components under test. To handle such problem, test isolation strategies are used to execute runtime tests safely. In this proposal, we discuss(More)
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