Mariam Ghloom Dashti

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We carried out a descriptive analysis on the pregnancy outcome in 313 pregnant women abused, 160 non-abused). Abuse was statistically significantly correlated with mean weight gain during pregnancy, mean frequency of the prenatal care, prolonged labour (dystocia), premature rupture of membrane, low mean birth weight and mean gestational age at birth. Given(More)
Infertility is a growing medical and social problem in the world; and approximately one of five couples has problems with conception [1]. Several fertility workers did focus in their search on female etiological factors for infertility, despite the fact that assessment of male fertility potential is of great importance. Male partner may involve in the(More)
Traditional semen analysis is routinely used for the assessment of male infertility. The present study aimed to evaluate the application of molecular techniques in determining the DNA integrity of the spermatozoa of infertile men in comparison to conventional analysis. Semen samples from 52 infertile patients were analyzed by conventional assays, flow(More)
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