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(ALS), which is characterized by the progressive degeneration of motor neurons, is one of the most common neuromuscular disorders, but there is just one approved therapy, riluzole, and it only modestly increases survival. A study in Nature Medicine now shows that ephrin type A receptor 4 (EPHA4) can modulate motor neuron degeneration and disease progression(More)
drug-resistant form of focal neocortical epilepsy that is characterized by almost continuous motor seizure activity. Surgical removal of the epileptogenic zone is not feasible in most patients, and alternative treatments are largely ineffective. Now, a study led by Walker, Schorge and Kullmann and reported in Science Translational Medicine indicates that(More)
a serious loophole for criminals. To avoid detection in cases of poisoning, criminals often resort to the practice of rapid cremation of the bodies of the poisoned persons. It is usually not possible to detect alkaloids and other organic or volatile poisons in burnt bones and ashes; and it is often contended on behalf of the accused that -it is impossible(More)
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