Mariam E. Haroutunian

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The range of physiological adaptations possessed by marine animals allowing them to successfully operate in the marine environment is a plentiful source of inspiration for the designers of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. This chapter compares the total energetic cost of straight line swimming for both marine animals and AUVs, using cost of transport (COT)(More)
In this paper we consider the problem of reversible information hiding in the case when the attacker uses only discrete memoryless channels (DMC), the decoder knows only the class of channels, but not the DMC chosen by the attacker, the attacker knows the information-hiding strategy, probability distributions of all random variables, but not the side(More)
We study the discrete memoryless broadcast channel with confidential messages (BC-C). It involves two discrete memoryless channels with two sources, one encoder and two receivers. A common message must be transmitted at rate R 0 to both receivers and a private message to the intended receiver at rate R 1 while keeping the other receiver ignorant of it with(More)
This book maintains articles on actual problems of research and application of information technologies, especially the new approaches, models, algorithms and methods of membrane computing and transition P systems; decision support systems; discrete mathematics; problems of the interdisciplinary knowledge domain including informatics, computer science,(More)
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