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BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to explore the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in cancer patients across a number of European countries. METHODS A descriptive survey design was developed. Fourteen countries participated in the study and data was collected through a descriptive questionnaire from 956 patients. RESULTS Data(More)
Different varieties of pupillary abnormalities have been described in Parkinson's disease but it is not clear if this is due to the disease itself or to the pharmacological treatment. In this study, pupil reactivity to various stimuli (dark/light adaptation, light reflex, near vision reaction and electrical sural stimulation) was investigated in 23 de novo(More)
The influence of testosterone on plasma and pituitary levels of gonadotrophin (GTH) as well as on gonadal development was studied in immature rainbow trout. Among the animals receiving a testosterone-cocoa butter implant (200 micrograms) at the age of 5 months, gonadal puberty occurred 8 months later in half of the males (opposite to the controls which(More)
OBJECTIVE Meta-analyses show that nonbound ceruloplasmin (non-Cp) copper (also known as free or labile copper) in serum is higher in patients with Alzheimer disease (AD). It differentiates subjects with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) from healthy controls. However, a longitudinal study on an MCI cohort has not yet been performed to assess the accuracy of(More)
Chronic Cluster Headache (CCH) treatment is troublesome; since there are no pain-free periods, it must be continuous. The most effective CCH prophylactic drug today is lithium carbonate but long-term use of this drug is limited by the possibility of side effects. Recently, calcium antagonists have been successfully employed to prevent migraine, and(More)
In this study the variations in pupil diameter induced by different stimuli (dark-light adaptation, light reflex, electric stimulation of the sural nerve) were investigated in episodic (in the active or remission phases) and in chronic cluster headache (CH) patients. Pupil size monitoring was performed with a monocular, infrared TV pupillometer, and sural(More)
The effects of flunarizine in migraine headache were investigated in 40 patients treated with single 10 mg evening doses for 16 weeks. Standard criteria were adopted for patient admission and for the monitoring of clinical (headache index, consumption of analgesics, side-effects) and laboratory variables (platelet aggregation and red cells filterability).(More)
Individual nucleic acid-amplification testing (NAT) was recently recommended by Brazilian legislation and has been implemented at some blood banks in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, in an attempt to reduce the transfusion transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis C viruses. This screening test can identify donations made during the(More)
Iris neuromuscular junction represents a site of reciprocal interactions of sympathetic and parasympathetic innervation and can be considered a useful tool to investigate both systems in physiological and pathological conditions. In this study 35 healthy subjects of different ages were examined by an infrared TV pupillometer to assess darkness and light(More)
In this study we investigated the variations of pupillary diameter obtained in different experimental conditions (dark/light adaptation, light reflex, sural nerve stimulation) in a group of migraine patients with unilateral location of pain in almost all the attacks and in healthy controls by means of a TV pupillometric device. The data obtained seems to(More)