Mariachiara Magri

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OBJECTIVE Meta-analyses show that nonbound ceruloplasmin (non-Cp) copper (also known as free or labile copper) in serum is higher in patients with Alzheimer disease (AD). It differentiates subjects with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) from healthy controls. However, a longitudinal study on an MCI cohort has not yet been performed to assess the accuracy of(More)
UNLABELLED In a single-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial versus diltiazem, we evaluated the influence of gallopamil on cardiovascular responses evoked by bicycle exercise. Twelve patients with chronic stable angina were enrolled. After a 5 days placebo run-in period, patients were randomly assigned either to gallopamil (50 mg thrice daily) or(More)
Individual nucleic acid-amplification testing (NAT) was recently recommended by Brazilian legislation and has been implemented at some blood banks in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, in an attempt to reduce the transfusion transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis C viruses. This screening test can identify donations made during the(More)
BACKGROUND A routine program of evaluating mothers and infants 6 months after umbilical cord blood donation was started at the Milano Cord Blood Bank (MCBB) in 1996. This study evaluated the main outcomes of this program. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS All mothers donating cord blood at this bank from February 1996 through May 1999 were invited to visit the(More)
The efficacy and tolerability of a new formulation of collagenase ointment (Iruxol((R)) mono) was determined in a placebo-controlled randomised double-blind study. 30 patients with chronic ulcers of the lower extremities were treated with either Iruxol((R)) mono or placebo ointment base for a minimum of 14 days. Treatment efficacy was determined by(More)
A case of infiltrating lipoma of the buttock in a 21-month-old child is reported. The tumor, measuring 9 x 12 cm, was situated between the gluteal muscles with a lobulation penetrating into the pelvis through the obturator foramen. It was adherent to, but not infiltrating the sciatic nerve. Few cases of infiltrating lipomas in pediatric patients have been(More)