Maria van Selm

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Fetomaternal haemorrhage (FMH) was studied after 46 cordocenteses. alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) concentration and Kleihauer staining of maternal blood, taken both before and after the procedure, revealed increases in AFP values of more than 40 per cent in 30 per cent of the patients examined; fetal haemorrhage of more than 0.25 ml was detected in 46 per cent of(More)
The maternal hydrops syndrome (Ballantyne syndrome, mirror syndrome, pseudotoxemia, triple edema) is a preeclampsia-like disease observed in some pregnancies with severe fetal and/or placental hydrops. We describe three pregnancies with severe immunological fetal-placental hydrops resulting in fetal death, in spite of intrauterine transfusions. The mothers(More)
BACKGROUND We conducted a double-blind randomized controlled trial to compare a conventional regimen of oxytocin and ergometrine with administration of the prostaglandin E2 analogue, sulprostone, for prophylaxis of postpartum hemorrhage in high-risk women. METHODS Women with a history of postpartum hemorrhage > or = 1000 were assigned to two coded(More)
CONDENSATION Sulprostone, used in a continuous low-dose intravenously, is effective for pregnancy termination. Caution is necessary when using this drug in severely preeclamptic patients. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the safety and efficacy of induction of labor with a prostaglandin analogue in women with severe (pre-) eclampsia. STUDY DESIGN A retrospective(More)
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