Maria van Gurp

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LinKBase® is a biomedical ontology. Its hierarchical structure, coverage, use of operational, formal and linguistic relationships, combined with its underlying language technology, make it an excellent ontology to support Natural Language Processing and Understanding (NLP/NLU) and data integration applications. In this paper we will describe the structure(More)
1-Detailed relationships types are needed to define subtle semantic differences A large set of relationship types allows definition of subtle semantic differences as for example the relationship to time, which is needed to discriminate an intraoperative with a postoperative complication ABSTRACT In this paper a description is presented in which the(More)
A dynamic model is developed to describe the swing phase of the hindlimb of a normally walking horse. The limb was represented by four rigid segments constrained to move in a sagittal plane only. The mathematical equations of motion of this four-element pendulum were formulated using Lagrange's theorem. The morphometric parameters from the hindlimb segments(More)
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