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Trypanosome infections were sought in 46 non-human primates captured principally in Amazonian Brazil. Twenty-two (47.8%) were infected with four Trypanosoma species: T. cruzi, T. minasense, T. devei(More)
Nucleotide sequences, each spanning approximately 7 kb of the contiguous gamma1 and gamma2 globin genomic loci, were determined for seven species representing all extant genera (Ateles, Lagothrix,(More)
Aotus is one of the WHO-recommended primate models for studies in malaria, and several species can be infected with Plasmodium falciparum or P. vivax. Here we describe the successful infection of the(More)
The immunogenicity and protective efficacy of various antigen-adjuvant formulations derived either from the merozoite-surface protein-3 (MSP-3) or the glutamate-rich protein (GLURP) of Plasmodium(More)
We characterized 14 trypanosome isolates from sylvatic mammals (9 from primates, 1 from sloth, 2 from anteaters and 2 from opossum) plus 2 human isolates of Brazilian Amazon. These isolates were(More)
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