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Alpha-synuclein, the major component of Lewy bodies, is thought to play a central role in the onset of synaptic dysfunctions in Parkinson's disease (PD). In particular, α-synuclein may affect dopaminergic neuron function as it interacts with a key protein modulating dopamine (DA) content at the synapse: the DA transporter (DAT). Indeed, recent evidence from(More)
Primary retroperitoneal carcinoma is a rare but highly aggressive tumour often resulting in infiltration of abdominal organs and diaphragm. We describe a case of retroperitoneal carcinoma infiltrating the diaphragm, the lower lobe of the left lung and ribs IX and X, but sparing the abdominal organs. After thoracoabdominal access, our patient underwent(More)
Urban historical spaces are often characterized by a variety of shapes, geometries, volumes, materials. Their virtual reconstruction requires a critical approach in terms of acquired data's density, timing optimization, final product's quality and slimness. The research team has focused its attention on the study on Francesco Neglia square (previously named(More)
A new approach free of time-consuming cloning procedures is described using MRF4 regulatory sequences acting as a physiological and muscular-specific promoter on human tissues; this method is useful for testing the expression of exogenous genes in cultured myoblasts and myotubes. pMRF4Z is a plasmid containing the regulatory sequences of Herculin (or MRF4,(More)
A 61 year old man was admitted with acute breath-lessness. A computed tomographic (CT) scan showed a pleural mass 20 cm in diameter occupying the whole right hemithorax and causing massive lung atelectasis, with the exception of a small part of the upper lobe (fig 1A). Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed a right pleural effusion with right hemidiaphragm(More)