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We used the [14C]-2-deoxyglucose method to study the location and extent of primate frontal lobe areas activated for saccades and fixation and the retrograde transneuronal transfer of rabies virus to determine whether these regions are oligosynaptically connected with extraocular motoneurons. Fixation-related increases of local cerebral glucose utilization(More)
Keywords: Geographic information systems ISO 19119 std. Software product lines Reused services Marine ecology Geographic open source tools a b s t r a c t With the development and adoption of geographic information systems, there is an increasingly amount of software resources being stored or recorded as products to be reused. At the same time, complexity(More)
Keywords: Domain-specific taxonomies Software reuse Domain engineering Geographic information systems ISO 19100 standards a b s t r a c t Nowadays, reusing software applications encourages researchers and industrials to collaborate in order to increase software quality and to reduce software development costs. However, effective reuse is not easy and only a(More)
Software product line engineering aims to reduce development time, effort, cost, and complexity by taking advantage of the com-monality within a portfolio of similar products. This may benefit the development of applications in several domains, and particularly in geographic information systems (GIS). Reusing services for GIS challenges developers to(More)
Wild oyster populations have declined severely worldwide, however fluctuations of South Atlantic populations are poorly documented. We explored the changes in the abundance of Ostrea puelchana population of Northern Patagonia, Argentina, by linking data from paleontological, archaeological and informal sources, with time series data from fishing, ecological(More)
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