Maria de Fátima de Araújo Silveira

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A systematic review of scientific production on Prison Health was conducted, seeking to verify how the subject matter has been dealt with, establishing which is the most exploited focus and identifying possible gaps. The search was carried out in the Virtual Health Library. 1160 articles were located: 1104 on MEDLINE, 19 on LILACS and 37 on SciELO,(More)
The objective of this work is to present a screenplay, similar to a script for TV shows or TV news programs, in order to put into context the different care practices in different social-economical and historical periods of the societies. Human beings' social insertion and relation established with the means of production and their interference in the(More)
Humanizing attention and management in the health area at SUS is presented as a way of qualification on health practices and a challenge to all the people that work in the area. The research intended to verify the conception of the physiotherapy graduating students about the humanization in their formation. The study was conducted in a qualitative,(More)
The work reports the experience of planning the course: Semiology and Semiotechnique which is part of Nursing new curriculum. The objectives were: stimulating creativity and sensitivity that care bears in techniques development; valuing feelings and emotions in the establishment of nurse and patient relationship, allowing some reflection and self-knowledge(More)
This study establishes analogies between some universal symbols and death rituals developed in nursing, based on the comprehension of ELIADE. It shows the existent camouflage of these rituals in the nursing profession and points out to the need of eliciting (making transparent) these practices in order to enrich nursing practice, thus benefitting caretakers(More)
A systematic review of post-partum depression (PPD) was undertaken to check how the issue is being addressed and the presence of nurses involved in such studies. The search for articles was conducted in the Virtual Health Library 106 articles were found 60, in MEDLINE, 28 in LILACS, and 18 in SciELO. It was limited to samples only the articles which the(More)
This is a study with qualitative approach, whose objective was to look for the vision of professional's team about the experience of implantation of the Therapeutic Residences in the municipal district of Campina Grande, PB, Brazil. For data collection the systematic observation, field diary and a semi-structured interview were used, which was applied to 10(More)
This paper deals with qualitative research conducted in the Therapeutic Residency Service in the municipality of Campina Grande, State of Paraíba, Brazil, the objective being to ascertain the difficulties encountered by the professionals in the healthcare practices defined by the aforementioned service and identify the prospects identified by them for the(More)
OBJECTIVE to know and analyze the experiences of women who developed an episode of Severe Maternal Morbidity. METHOD this is a qualitative study, in which we interviewed 16 women admitted to a tertiary level hospital, as a result of this morbid state. We used content analysis in data processing. RESULTS two categories were identified: "Understanding(More)
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