Maria de Fátima Mattiello-Francisco

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This paper presents an approach for automated test case generation using a software specification modeled in statecharts. The steps defined in such approach involve: translation of statecharts modeling into an XML-based language; and the PerformCharts tool generates FSMs based on control flow. These FSMs are the inputs for the Condado tool which generates(More)
Software for space applications requires significant testing. This paper presents an evaluation of the CoFI testing methodology as applied to actual space software, where deterministic fault cases derived from state-based models were executed using the software-implemented fault injection technique. Different models were used to represent the behavior of(More)
This paper presents an approach for conformance testing and fault injection of distributed systems supported by a tool named FSoFIST (Ferry-clip with Software Fault Injection Support Tool). The approach extends the ferryclip concept to cope with fault injection. The ferry-clip concept was aimed at providing a highly modular, flexible and configurable(More)
This paper presents some experiences in adapting the concepts, framework and methodology for protocol testing from the standard IS-9646 to validate space application protocols. In order to assess the space applications the conformance tests defined in IS-9646 are combined with the fault injection technique. This solution comprises a test architecture and a(More)
Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) is one subsystem of the Service Module of a satellite which mostly endures faults in space operations. The criticality and complex nature of the subsystem demands an extensive effort in its integration and controller`s software testing, mainly for validating the Fault Detection, Identification and Recovery (FDIR)(More)
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