Maria de Fátima Horta

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Plasmodium malariae is commonly confounded with Plasmodium vivax at the microscopic examination of thick blood smear. In the present study, we used a nested PCR assay to amplify a species-specific(More)
C57BL/6 and BALB/c mice are prototype hosts for the study of resistance and susceptibility to several infectious diseases. In many cases, resistance of C57BL/6 is due to the microbicidal effect of(More)
The success of PCR technique depends on many factors, such as high quality DNA pellets obtained from blood samples, good reagents and adequate conditions of amplification. Taking these limitations(More)
The immune mechanisms that underlie resistance and susceptibility to leishmaniasis are not completely understood for all species of Leishmania. It is becoming clear that the immune response, the(More)