Maria da Silva Nascimento

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In the first semester of this school year (2007/2008) we have approached teaching and learning statistics using a different tool: the project work. Here we will present the proposals we have made to the students in the modules of different service courses. In the First Cycle (the bachelor level) a survey was conducted in the first year of the Tourism and(More)
Teachers' attitudes towards statistics can have a significant effect on their own statistical training, their teaching of statistics, and the future attitudes of their students. The influence of attitudes in teaching statistics in different contexts was previously studied in the work of Estrada et al. (2004, 2010a, 2010b) and Martins et al. (2011). This(More)
Nowadays one shouldn't ignore the use of computers in statistics, the main reason being that they are faster and more reliable. Almost all statistical software computes the p-values; therefore students and researchers can take their decisions only based on its " usual " value, 0.05. If the p-value is lower than 0.05 then the null hypotheses for a(More)
With and within our classes we would like to effectively contribute to create an evidence-based society. From our past experiences with the students in various services courses, the project work approach seems to have the main components to motivate teachers and students to develop a cooperative work mainly aiming the students to be acquainted with the(More)
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