Maria da Conceição Freitas Santos

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We investigated demographic history and population structuring of Colossoma macropomum sampled from 14 localities in the Amazon basin and the Bolivian sub-basin; the two basins are separated by a series of 16 rapids. Although genetically differentiated, IMa analyses suggest non-zero bi-directional migration rates, and inter-basin divergence of approximately(More)
Colossoma macropomum is a keystone species of the Amazon floodplain, and is an important but severely overexploited commercial species. To provide tools for addressing ecological and conservation questions, we developed 14 highly polymorphic microsatellite markers that had between four and 21 alleles per locus in the 25 tested individuals. With the(More)
We developed nuclear SNPs for the heavily overfished tambaqui/cachama negra Colossoma macropomum using next-generation sequencing-based genotyping. We created a reduced-representation library for 30 individuals from Orinoco and Amazon basins following the ddRAD methodology for sequencing on the IonTorrent PGM. We analyzed the sequence data using the(More)
Brycon amazonicus is widely distributed in the Amazon basin. The species has traditionally been the focus of subsistence and commercial fisheries, and recently has become an important aquaculture species. Aquaculture relies on the removal of individuals from nature which form the basis of breeding stocks. The breeding stocks are often derived from local(More)
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