Maria Zubair

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One of the advancements in mobile agent technology in recent decades is their usage in network management applications because of their distributed and scalable nature. However, one of the key concerns in practical implementation of these approaches is lack of fault tolerance mechanisms. There are several generalized fault-tolerance techniques which can be(More)
Disasters have been causing huge damages to infrastructure as well as human life from a long time. One of the key problems faced when disaster hits an area is efficient distribution of resources such as medicine, food, water etc. In this paper, we propose a solution particularly for distribution of food. We have proposed a solution in which a big disaster(More)
One issue which is central in developing a general purpose FFT subroutine on a distributed memory parallel machine is the data distribution. It is possible that different users would like to use the FFT routine with different data distributions. Thus there is a need to design FFT schemes on distributed memory parallel machines which can support a variety of(More)
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