Maria Ziccheddu

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BK and JC polyomaviruses (BKV and JCV) are widespread in humans and are thought to persist and reactivate under immune alterations. In addition to the kidney, lymphoid cells have been proposed as a site of latency. However, while this was shown to occur in immunocompromised patients, discordant data were published for healthy humans. To help to solve this(More)
HIV-E, emerging from persistently infected HeLa-T4 cells, replicates better in fibroblasts and epithelial cells with respect to the parental, T cell-derived HIV-T. The two viruses share the same env V3 loop, but differ in cellular molecules incorporated on the envelope. Even when similar amounts of virus attachment occurred, HIV-E replicated better than(More)
AIMS Mastitis causes economic losses and antimicrobials are frequently used for mastitis treatment. Antimicrobial resistance surveys are still rare in the ovine field and characterization of strains is important in order to acquire information about resistance and for optimization of therapy. METHODS AND RESULTS Bacterial pathogens recovered in milk(More)
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