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Conduct of scientific and engineering research is becoming critically dependent on effective management of scientific and engineering data and technical information. The rapid advances in scientific instrumen-tation, computer and communication technologies enable the scientists to collect, generate, process, and share unprecedented volumes of data. For(More)
Lexical characteristics of samples of FORTRAN code, code comments, and English text were compared in order to test the hypothesis that code comments would show characteristics intermediate between FORTRAN code and English text. The code comments were indeed intermediate in the use of special characters and function words but were similar to English text in(More)
Currently, the Internet provides access to a very large number and wide variety of information sources (e.g., textual databases, sites containing technical reports, directory listings), and systems to access these sources (e.g., World Wide Web, Go-pher, WAIS). The challenge is to provide easy, efficient , robust and secure access to this information and(More)