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Analyses using self reports and medical and pharmacy records of 762 men and women were conducted to assess the impact of general health status, health factors related to women's reproductive role and employment status on their use of over the counter and prescription drugs. Results showed that factors related to general health status and women's(More)
Since the 1970s, governments in many high-income countries have implemented a series of reforms in their health care systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Many of these reforms have been of a market-oriented character, involving the deregulation of key services, the creation of competitive markets, and the privatization of health and social care.(More)
For more than a decade, there has been a strong trend in many Western countries to decrease the length of time that women spend in hospital following childbirth. The research evidence regarding the consequences of early discharge for mothers and babies is mixed. Recent evidence has suggested that early discharge may not be randomly distributed across all(More)
BACKGROUND In Australia, maternity care is available through universal coverage and a parallel, competitive private health insurance system. Differences between sectors in antenatal and intrapartum care and associated outcomes are well documented but few studies have investigated differences in postpartum care following hospital discharge and their impact(More)
BACKGROUND The postpartum period is a time of increased morbidity for mothers and infants under 12 months, yet is an under-researched area of primary care. Despite a relatively clear framework for involving general practitioners (GPs) in antenatal care, the structure of maternity service provision in some Australian jurisdictions has resulted in highly(More)
OBJECTIVE Identify the factors determining women's support for midwife-led maternity care in an Australian metropolitan region, and identify the implications for the role of midwives and for the expansion of options for childbearing women. DESIGN A two-stage research design was utilised. In the first stage a sample of women were surveyed regarding their(More)
BACKGROUND Reduced length of hospital stay following childbirth has placed increasing demands on community-based post-birth care services in Australia. Queensland is one of several states in Australia in which nurses are employed privately by pharmacies to provide maternal and child health care, yet little is known about their prevalence, attributes or(More)
  • M Zadoroznyj
  • 1996
A local study of consumer views of maternity services was initiated because of major shifts in the patterns of maternity service provision and use in a metropolitan region. Women who had given birth to a live infant at one of four hospitals in and near the region in the 1991 calendar year were surveyed about their satisfaction with their antenatal and(More)
Career structure models are central to the organisation of the work of professionals like nurses, to their remuneration and other forms of recognition, and for the organisation of employing institutions. It has been little more than a decade since the implementation of a career structure model for nurses in South Australia in 1986-7. Since that time a(More)
BACKGROUND The provision of post-birth care in the community is changing substantially in many parts of Australia including Queensland, where there has been a burgeoning of clinics in private retail outlets such as pharmacies. Little is known about women's experiences of post-birth care in community pharmacies, nor of how their experiences compare with(More)