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A standardized heart rate analysis was carried out in unmedicated patients with major depression, melancholic type (n = 16), panic disorder (n = 16), reactive depression with suicide attempts during the preceding 24 h (n = 16) and in 16 normal control subjects. The investigations included time- and frequency-derived measurements of heart rate variability.(More)
Twenty-four patients treated with 150 mg amitriptyline per day for an episode of major depression underwent a standardized heart rate analysis (HRA) before therapy and after 14 days. The battery of cardiovascular reflex tests included the determination of the coefficient of variation (CV) while resting and during deep respiration, a spectral analysis of(More)
Twenty-four unmedicated patients with episodes of major depression (DSM-III-R) and an age- and sex-matched group of 24 normal subjects underwent a heart rate analysis. The battery of cardiovascular reflex tests included the coefficient of variation while resting (CVr) and during deep breathing (CVdr), a spectral analysis of heart rate variability, the(More)
One hundred-four depressed patients treated with amitriptyline (mean dosage: 163 mg/d; mean plasma level: 239 ng/ml) and 52 normal control subjects matched for age and sex underwent a standardized cardiovascular test battery (various autonomic cardiac parameters, which are largely independent from heart rate, namely the coefficients of variation (CV) while(More)
18 patients with distinct improvement of mood in the evening and 18 patients without, both suffering from major depression and equally treated with tricyclic antidepressants (TCA), and an age- and sex-matched group of 18 normal control subjects underwent a standardized heart-rate (HR) analysis (HRA) in the morning (08:00) and 12 h later in the evening(More)
A group of 8 healthy normal subjects (24-36 years old, mean age 29 years) were investigated. Transcranial magnetic double stimulation of the motor cortex was carried out at different interstimulus intervals. With both stimuli suprathreshold, an attenuation of the test response was found at interstimulus intervals of less than 200 msec (target relaxed or(More)
Standardized heart rate analyses were performed in 60 drug-free patients with alcohol dependence, who were admitted consecutively to a psychiatric department, and in 60 healthy normal matched subjects. The procedure included time and frequency derived measurements of heart rate variability (HRV). The investigations were carried out 3 weeks after admission(More)
The influence of repetitive magnetic transcranial stimulation over the temporo-parietal cortex on verbal comprehension was investigated in 44 healthy subjects. In right-handed subjects, trains of 50 Hz magnetic stimuli over the left hemisphere produced more errors than stimulation over the right hemisphere. The result is not very clearcut, however; thus the(More)
30 inpatients suffering from major depression (DSM-III-R), who did not fulfill the criteria of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), were treated with either doxepin or amitripytyline as monotherapy and supportively with bright light for 14 days. From days 15 to 19, bright light was replaced by dim light. 18 drug-free control subjects underwent an analogous(More)