Maria Vittoria Spampinato

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BACKGROUND It has been hypothesised that seizure induced neuronal loss and axonal damage in medial temporal lobe epilepsy (MTLE) may lead to the development of aberrant connections between limbic structures and eventually result in the reorganisation of the limbic network. In this study, limbic structural connectivity in patients with MTLE was investigated,(More)
We assessed political attitudes using the Implicit Association Test (IAT) in which participants were presented faces and names of well-known Democrat and Republican politicians along with positive and negative words while undergoing functional MRI. We found a significant behavioral IAT effect for the face, but not the name, condition. The fMRI face(More)
We conducted an event-related, functional MRI investigation of 12 male's and 12 female's reasoning about conditional deontic rules, rules regulating people's behavior. We employed two different types of rules: social contracts and nonsocial, precautionary rules. Although the rules and the demands of the task were matched in terms of their logical structure,(More)
Studies have shown that the amygdala, temporal, and prefrontal cortices play a key role in the expression of anxiety. The correlation between gray matter volume of these structures and behavioral anxiety measures was not previously investigated in healthy volunteers. The authors used voxel-based morphometry to assess the relationship between brain regional(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Despite being the gold standard technique for stroke assessment, conventional diffusion MRI provides only partial information about tissue microstructure. Diffusional kurtosis imaging is an advanced diffusion MRI method that yields, in addition to conventional diffusion information, the diffusional kurtosis, which may help improve(More)
Only a subset of adults acquires specific advanced mathematical skills, such as integral calculus. The representation of more sophisticated mathematical concepts probably evolved from basic number systems; however its neuroanatomical basis is still unknown. Using fMRI, we investigated the neural basis of integral calculus while healthy participants were(More)
PURPOSE To examine the influence of apoliprotein E ε4 allele (APOE4) carrier status on disease progression by evaluating the rate of regional gray matter (GM) volume loss and disease severity in patients with newly diagnosed Alzheimer disease (AD) and stable amnestic mild cognitive impairment (MCI). MATERIALS AND METHODS This study was approved by the(More)
Event knowledge is organized on the basis of goals that enable the selection of specific event sequences to organize everyday life activities. Although the medial prefrontal cortex represents event knowledge, little is known about its role in mediating event knowledge complexity. We used functional MRI to investigate the patterns of brain activation while(More)
With recent advances in computational analyses of structural neuroimaging, it is possible to comprehensively map neural connectivity, i.e., the brain connectome. The architectural organization of the connectome is believed to play an important role in several biological processes. Central to the conformation of the connectome are connectivity hubs, which(More)
Vascular disease has been proposed as a contributing factor for presbyacusis (age-related hearing loss). While this hypothesis is supported by pathological evidence of vascular decline in post-mortem human and animal studies, evidence in human subjects has been mixed with associations typically reported between a measure of vascular health and low frequency(More)