Maria-Vittoria Salvetti

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A new parallel code for the simulation of the transient, 3D dispersal of volcanic particles in the atmosphere is presented. The model equations, describing the multiphase flow dynamics of gas and solid pyroclasts ejected from the volcanic vent during explosive eruptions, are solved by a finite-volume discretization scheme and a pressure-based iterative(More)
In this paper, we present parallel simulations of three-dimensional complex flows obtained on an ORIGIN 3800 computer and on homogeneous and heterogeneous (processors of different speeds and RAM) computational grids. The solver under consideration, which is representative of modern numerics used in industrial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, is(More)
We study a new hybrid RANS/Variational Multiscale LES (VMS-LES) model for bluff body flows. The simulations have been carried out using a parallelized solver, based on a mixed element/volume formulation on unstructured grids. First, the behavior of a VMS-LES model with different subgrid scale models is investigated for the flow past a circular cylinder at(More)
A method is proposed to estimate the velocity field of an unsteady flow using a limited number of flow measurements. The method is based on a non-linear low-dimensional model of the flow and on expanding the velocity field in terms of empirical basis functions. The main idea is to impose that the coefficients of the modal expansion of the velocity field(More)
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