Maria Vittoria Rapallino

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Single plasma membranes were microdissected from Deiters' neurons freshly obtained from the lateral vestibular nucleus of the rabbit and their chloride permeability was studied in a microchamber system. The basal in-->out 36Cl- permeation initially found was brought to zero by Zn2+, 4,4'-diisothiocyanatostilbene-2,2'-disulphonic acid and iodide. GABA on the(More)
Isolated squid stellate nerves and giant fiber lobes were incubated for 8 hr in Millipore filtered sea water containing [3H]uridine. The electrophoretic patterns of radioactive RNA purified from the axoplasm of the giant axon and from the giant fiber lobe (cell bodies of the giant axon) demonstrated the presence of RNA species with mobilities corresponding(More)
The permeation of labelled gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) across single microdissected Deiters' membranes has been studied in a microchamber system. The GABA permeation is via pores which are blocked by 4,4'-diisothiocyanato stilbene-2-2'disulphonic acid (DIDS). As this substance blocks as well chloride permeation across these membranes we tested whether(More)
1.Data obtained studying permeability characteristics of single Deiters' membranes in a microchamber system show that intracellular GABA can activate chloride in → out passage with a GABAA pharmacology. 2.The overall data suggest the presence of a chloride extrusion pump in these neurons based on intracellular GABA activated chloride channels. 3.This(More)
The aim of the present work was to investigate the mechanism by which the diffusible factor nitric oxide regulates GABAA receptor function in the brain. The effect of nitric oxide on GABAA receptor function has been studied in two different neuronal preparations: rat cerebral cortex microsacs and rat cerebellum granule cells in culture. In the first case,(More)
The effect of nitric oxide (NO) on the function of GABAA receptors was studied in two different rat brain neuron populations. Cerebral cortex neuronal GABAA receptors were studied by preparing microsacs and evaluating 36Cl- accumulation. Whether nitric oxide was provided by sodium nitroprusside (SNP) or by the metabolic precursor precursor arginine there(More)
1. In this commentary we discuss results obtained by a micromethod for the study of Cl− permeability across single nerve membranes from rabbit Deiters' neurons. 2. These results showed the presence of GABAA receptors on the nerve cell membrane cytoplasmic side. 3. We could show that these receptor complexes have a higher affinity for GABA than their(More)
Free hand isolation of adult rabbit vestibular Deiters' neurons and dissection of their single membranes allows the study of their ionic permeability characteristics in a microchambers device. In the case of hare-like rabbits, the dissection of such membranes presents evidence of a high basal permeation of labelled chloride, possibly related to mechanical(More)
Rats were long-term morphine-intoxicated by a fluid-diet model ensuring an equal nutrient intake in morphinized and control rats. Uptake of neurotransmitters and D-ala2-met5-enkephalinamide (Enk) was studied in the particulate fractions (obtained at 10,000g) from well defined brain regions of long-term intoxicated and morphine withdrawn rats. In control(More)
The protocols described here refer to Hydén's technique of isolation and microdissection of vestibular Deiters' neurons from adult mammals. The isolation of Deiters' cells from bovine is described and an example is given of the immunocytochemical visualization of their GABA(A) receptors by monoclonal antibodies against the beta(2/3) subunit. In addition,(More)