Maria Villanueva

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Hypermethylation of exon 1 of p16INK4a was examined in tumour and plasma DNA of a series of breast cancer patients. De novo methylation was observed in the tumours of eight patients (23%), and in plasma DNA in five (14%) of these eight patients. Our data show that de novo methylation of exon 1 of p16INK4a can be demonstrated in plasma DNA of breast cancer(More)
The development of systems that track the eye while allowing head movement is one of the most challenging objectives of gaze tracking researchers. Tracker accuracy decreases as the subject moves from the calibration position and is especially influenced by changes in depth with respect to the screen. In this paper, we demonstrate that the pattern of error(More)
BACKGROUND Intravenous thrombolysis with alteplase is an effective treatment for ischaemic stroke when applied during the first 4.5 hours, but less than 15% of patients have access to this technique. Mechanical thrombectomy is more frequently able to recanalise proximal occlusions in large vessels, but the infrastructure it requires makes it even less(More)
The present study describes the morphological variation of a large database of facial photographs. The database comprises frontal (386 female, 764 males) and lateral (312 females, 666 males) images of Mexican individuals aged 14-69 years that were obtained under controlled conditions. We used geometric morphometric methods and multivariate statistics to(More)
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