Maria Victoria Castillo Rueda

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BACKGROUND Food allergy caused by lipid transfer protein (LTP) from peach (Pru p 3) is frequently associated with sensitization to mugwort LTP (Art v 3). Although in vitro cross-reactivity is already well known, it has yet to be elucidated whether a pollen LTP can induce rhinitis. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to investigate whether mugwort LTP(More)
The processing of facial expressions of emotions by 23 adults with Down syndrome and moderate intellectual disability was compared with that of adults with intellectual disability of other etiologies (24 matched in cognitive level and 26 with mild intellectual disability). Each participant performed 4 tasks of the Florida Affect Battery and an original task(More)
In 1991, we tentatively introduced the classification of Ackerman and Magana-García for acquired melanocytic nevi in our laboratory. We soon realized that every acquired intradermal melanocytic nevus might be easily classified into either Unna's or Miescher's patterns and that this classification had both clinical implications and significant histological(More)
Acknowledgements This report is the outcome of an international collaborative project which brought together an international organization and academic and research institutions from India and Switzerland, and as such its completion is a major achievement. The project team would like to extend their thanks to the many people who enthusiastically helped(More)
OBJECTIVES To calculate the prevalence of disabling chronic pain (DCP) and to offer a more representative and accurate estimation by applying different calibration techniques. SETTINGS 2011 Andalusian Health Survey, a cross-sectional population survey based on face-to-face home interviews. PARTICIPANTS 6507 people aged 16 years or older and living in(More)
Allergic reactions to lupin have increased in parallel with the growing use of lupin flour by food manufacturers. We studied a patient with recurrent anaphylaxis to manufactured foods and a history of rhinitis-asthma related to lupin inhalation and legume tolerance. Skin prick tests with airborne and food allergens, specific immunoglobulin (Ig) E(More)
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