Maria Veronica Santelices

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In 2003, the Harvard Educational Review published a controversial article by Roy Freedle that claimed bias against African American students in the SAT college admissions test. Freedle’s work stimulated national media attention and faced an onslaught of criticism from experts at the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the agency responsible for the(More)
On January 22, 1993--the 20th anniversary of the legalization of abortion in the US--President William Clinton signed 5 abortion-related memoranda that reversed almost a decade of conservative Republican policies in the field of reproductive health. Perhaps most significant on a global level was termination of the 1984 "Mexico City policy"--federal money(More)
This article describes development of a measure of academic engagement using items from an existing survey of undergraduates enrolled at the University of California. The use of academic engagement as a criterion in higher education admissions has been justified by the argument that highly engaged students benefit the most from the academic experience an(More)
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