Maria Vanina Martinez

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Recent interest in managing uncertainty in data integration has led to the introduction of probabilistic schema mappings and the use of probabilistic methods to answer queries across multiple databases using two semantics: by-table and by-tuple. In this paper, we develop three possible semantics for aggregate queries: the range, distribution, and expected(More)
The recently introduced Datalog+ / − family of ontology languages is especially useful for representing and reasoning over lightweight ontologies, and is set to play a central role in the context of query answering and information extraction for the Semantic Web. Recently, it has become apparent that it is necessary to develop a principled way to handle(More)
There's a constant need to reason about diverse cultures all over the world. Past cultural-reasoning research has focused primarily on techniques to organize, catalog, and reason about cultural and historical artifacts of the kind typically stored in a museum. This is extremely valuable. However, the term "cultural reasoning" as we use it in the previous(More)
The study of inconsistency-tolerant semantics for query answering in ontological languages has recently gained much attention. In this work, we consider three inconsistency-tolerant semantics recently proposed in the literature, namely: consistent query answering, the intersection (also called IAR) semantics, and the intersection of closed repairs (ICR)(More)
The Semantic Web effort has steadily been gaining traction in the recent years. In particular, Web search companies are recently realizing that their products need to evolve towards having richer semantic search capabilities. Description logics (DLs) have been adopted as the formal underpinnings for Semantic Web languages used in describing ontologies.(More)
The best ebooks about A General Framework For Reasoning On Inconsistency that you can get for free here by download this A General Framework For Reasoning On Inconsistency and save to your desktop. This ebooks is under topic such as a general framework for reasoning about inconsistency reasoning with inconsistent ontologies: a general framework a general(More)