Maria V. Pulina

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Baryshnikov SG, Pulina MV, Zulian A, Linde CI, Golovina VA. Orai1, a critical component of store-operated Ca entry, is functionally associated with Na /Ca exchanger and plasma membrane Ca pump in(More)
Endogenous cardiotonic steroids (CTS) raise blood pressure (BP) via vascular sodium calcium exchange (NCX1.3) and transient receptor-operated channels (TRPCs). Circulating CTS are superelevated in(More)
Ca(2+) entry through store-operated channels (SOCs) in the plasma membrane plays an important role in regulation of vascular smooth muscle contraction, tone, and cell proliferation. The C-type(More)
Many neurodegenerative disorders are accompanied by chronic glial activation, which is characterized by the abundant production of proinflammatory cytokines, such as IL-1beta. IL-1beta disrupts(More)