Maria V. Dumina

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Sixteen flor yeast strains from the Magarach Collection of the Microorganisms for Winemaking (Yalta, Crimea), which are used for production of sherry, were analyzed for morphophysiological, cultural,(More)
Vectors for the expression of the CefT transporter of the MFS family in Acremonium chrysogenum--a producer of beta-lactam antibiotic cephalosporin C--and in Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a fusion with(More)
Transcript levels of several key genes responsible for cephalosporin C (CPC) biosynthesis and transport have been determined using qPCR analysis of Acremonium chrysogenum strains differing more than(More)
The expression of two key genes of lovastatin (LOV) biosynthesis has been studied in two Aspergillus terreus strains characterized by a more than hundredfold difference in the LOV yield. As compared(More)