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An algorithm for real time humanoid sound localization and tracking using only two microphones in a highly reverberant environment is proposed. Several recently developed 3D humanoid sound localization algorithms require the environment to be anechoic. Also, the resolution of front-back ambiguity problem during sound localization requires the knowledge(More)
Communication is the mean for data transfer over a medium to interact their expressions with each other. The common mode of communication is vocal speech conversation. The main modes of communication are constraint to vocally disabled individuals. For the communication of such individuals various means of communication is suggested, which are called as sign(More)
Requirement elicitation is the most significant factor in the requirement engineering process. It is already proven fact that improper elicitation of the requirements leads to the failure of the project, product. To improve the process quality and of that of industry we need a better elicitation technique or elicitation process (framework) to make it(More)
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