Maria Twomey

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to analyze the performance of pure model-based iterative reconstruction (MBIR) in low-dose CT enterography. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Forty-four patients with Crohn disease referred for CT enterography were included. Low-dose modified-protocol and conventional-protocol CT datasets were contemporaneously acquired.(More)
Nine of ninety patients with sarcoidosis were found to have significant renal impairment. Epithelioid granulomata were present in five of eight patients who had renal biopsies and glomerular lesions were present in six. There was close correlation between hypercalcaemia, hyperuricaemia, nephrocalcinosis and creatinine clearance. In one patient, renal(More)
The use of radiology in the teaching of anatomy to medical students is gaining in popularity; however, there is wide variation in how and when radiology is introduced into the curriculum. The authors sought to investigate students' perceptions regarding methods used to depict and teach anatomy and effects of integrated radiology instruction on students'(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this prospective study was to compare the diagnostic accuracy of transvaginal sonography (TVS) with that of MRI in the local staging of cervical cancer. METHODS All consecutive patients diagnosed with invasive carcinoma of the cervix over a 3-year period underwent MRI of the pelvis and TVS according to a standardized protocol. RESULTS(More)
This paper discusses the current status of imaging in the investigation of patients with haematuria. The physician must rationalize imaging so that serious causes such as malignancy are promptly diagnosed while at the same time not exposing patients to unnecessary investigations. There is currently no universal agreement about the optimal imaging work up of(More)
INTRODUCTION We assess the ability of low-dose hybrid iterative reconstruction (IR) and 'pure' model-based IR (MBIR) images to maintain accurate Hounsfield unit (HU)-determined tissue characterization. METHODS Standard-protocol (SP) and low-dose modified-protocol (MP) CTs were contemporaneously acquired in 34 Crohn's disease patients referred for CT. SP(More)
Testicular pain is a common presentation in the emergency department. The cause includes a wide array of differentials. This report highlights a case of thrombosis of the pampiniform plexus as a rare cause of testicular pain. Doppler ultrasound should be the first line investigation. Symptomatic relief with anti-inflammatory medication should be sufficient(More)
BACKGROUND Pulmonary complications of connective tissue disease are being identified more frequently with the advent of more sophisticated radiological investigations. Limited previous studies have suggested Rituximab (RTX), a chimeric monoclonal antibody with activity against CD-20, may benefit connective tissue disease patients with pulmonary(More)
OBJECTIVES We designed a prospective study to investigate the in-vivo relationship between abdominal body composition and radiation exposure to determine the strongest body composition predictor of dose length product (DLP) at CT. METHODS Following institutional review board approval, quantitative analysis was performed prospectively on 239 consecutive(More)
BACKGROUND Ivacaftor produces significant clinical benefit in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) with the G551D mutation. Prevalence of this mutation at the Cork CF Centre is 23%. This study assessed the impact of CFTR modulation on multiple modalities of patient assessment. METHODS Thirty-three patients with the G551D mutation were assessed at baseline(More)