Maria Tsoras

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Elevation of glutathione (GSH) has been recognized as an important method for modulating levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the brain. We investigated the antioxidant properties of gamma-glu-cys-ethyl ester (GCEE) in vitro and its ability to increase GSH levels upon in vivo i.p. injection. GCEE displays antioxidant activity similar to GSH as(More)
To understand the mechanisms that promote recruitment and survival of T cells within the pediatric inflamed joint, we have studied the expression of CCR4 and CCR5 on synovial fluid T cells and matched peripheral blood samples from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) patients using three-color flow cytometric analysis. Thymus- and activation-regulated(More)
Xanthic acids have long been known to act as reducing agents. Recently, D609, a tricyclodecanol derivative of xanthic acid, has been reported to have anti-apoptotic and anti-inflammatory properties that are attributed to specific inhibition of phosphatidyl choline phospholipase C (PC-PLC). However, because oxidative stress is involved in both of these(More)
Increased oxidation of fat is an important host response to sepsis, and carnitine is essential for long-chain fatty acid oxidation. Because neonates have low levels of carnitine, their ability to respond to a septic insult may be impaired. The purpose of this study was to compare fatty acid and carnitine metabolism in septic weanling (60 to 85 g) and septic(More)
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