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This article presents a parametric approach to the optimal nonlinear control problem. This contribution is based on reducing the nonlinear optimal control problem to a sequence of linear time-varying ones and approaching the desired optimal control by a sequence of linear algebraic equations. This approach provides a solution which can be obtained in a(More)
In 2014, we assessed the effectiveness of Medical Taping Concept (MTC) in Primary Dysmenorrhoea (PD) with a single-blind, two-armed clinical trial (NCT02114723, ClinicalTrials.gov) with a follow-up of 4 menstrual cycles (pre-intervention: 2 months; post-intervention: 2 months) in a sample formed by 129 Spanish women aged 18-30 years with PD. We had two(More)
Burst oscillations can arise in racing motorcycles under a combination of high speeds, low roll angles and firm acceleration. This bursting occurs at weave-mode frequencies under conditions that cause the classical wobble and weave modes interact. Under race conditions this phenomenon can undermine rider confidence, and is consequently detrimental to lap(More)
UNLABELLED Background. Several authors have examined the risk for sexually transmitted infections (STI), but no study has yet analyzed it solely in relation with sexual behaviour in women. We analyzed the association of sexual behaviour with STI risk in female university students of healthcare sciences. Methods. We designed a cross-sectional study assessing(More)
— This paper addresses the control design for a nonlinear vessel manoeuvring model. The authors consider a highly nonlinear vessel 4 DOF model. The proposed control algorithm consists of a combination of an iteration technique that approximates the original nonlinear model by a sequence of linear time varying (LTV) equations whose solution converge to the(More)
— The authors investigate the dynamical behaviour of a Duolever type of suspension on a standard sports motorcycle. The paper contains the modelling aspects of it, as well as the optimization process followed in order to obtain the suspension parameters and geometry arrangements. Head angle, wheelbase and normal trail are studied as indicators of the(More)