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Imaging techniques are increasingly integrated into modern radiotherapy (RT). Multimodal imaging is used to define the target for RT planning and imaging technology is also being integrated into linear accelerators, with the purpose to ensure delivery of radiation with high geometric accuracy. The integration of imaging in RT calls for a stronger(More)
Previous methods to estimate the inherent accuracy of deformable image registration (DIR) have typically been performed relative to a known ground truth, such as tracking of anatomic landmarks or known deformations in a physical or virtual phantom. In this study, we propose a new approach to estimate the spatial geometric uncertainty of DIR using(More)
Deformable image registration (DIR) is essential for adaptive radiotherapy (RT) for tumor sites subject to motion, changes in tumor volume, as well as changes in patient normal anatomy due to weight loss. Several methods have been published to evaluate DIR-related uncertainties but they are not widely adopted. The aim of this study was, therefore, to(More)
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