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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the relationship between symptoms, financial and cognitive barriers with patient delays in seeking evaluation of symptoms. METHODS Data were collected from 252 colorectal cancer patients from academic and community oncology practices in Virginia and Ohio. We used a cross-sectional, mixed methods design collected data through patient(More)
BACKGROUND eHealth-literate consumers, consumers able to navigate and filter credible information on the Internet, are an important cornerstone of sustainable health systems in the 21(st) century. Various checklists and tools for consumers to assess the quality of health information on the Internet have been proposed, but most fail to take into account the(More)
Breast cancer risk is significantly reduced by improvements in lifestyle factors such as physical activity. Previous work suggests personal experiences such as false positive mammography or family history of breast cancer may influence these health behaviors. Surveys were distributed to women aged 40-75 who had received a negative mammogram from an academic(More)
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