Maria Thomson

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In this systematic review we sought to identify how the public health literature focusing on Hispanic populations in the United States defined and measured the concept of acculturation. A review of 134 studies found considerable variation in the definition and measurement of this construct. The ten acculturation scales used provided little theoretical(More)
PURPOSE Investigate whether TV viewing and recognition of snack food advertisements were associated with snack food consumption and the odds of being overweight or obese. DESIGN Cross-sectional internet-based survey. SETTING University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. SUBJECTS Undergraduate university students aged 18 to 25 years (N = 613). MEASURES(More)
Decision aids (DA) can inform cancer screening. We conducted a systematic review of web-based, cancer DA to evaluate their appropriateness for use with low literacy and diverse culture groups. Eighty-one Internet DA were found searching five databases (Pubmed-Medline; Web of Science/SSCI; Cancerlit; CINAHL; and Google) and the Cochrane decision aid(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the relationship between symptoms, financial and cognitive barriers with patient delays in seeking evaluation of symptoms. METHODS Data were collected from 252 colorectal cancer patients from academic and community oncology practices in Virginia and Ohio. We used a cross-sectional, mixed methods design collected data through patient(More)
BACKGROUND This study explored the characteristics of colorectal cancer (CRC) patients who accessed Internet-based health information as part of their symptom appraisal process prior to consulting a health care provider. METHOD Newly diagnosed CRC patients who experienced symptoms prior to diagnosis were interviewed. Brief COPE was used to measure patient(More)
The objective of this study was to determine whether peer recommendations made in response to user queries about non-insulin dependent type II diabetes in an online health forum for retired persons were in agreement with diabetes clinical practice guidelines. A content analysis was conducted on type II diabetes conversations occurring in an online health(More)
BACKGROUND Less than 5% of all adult patients with cancer enter clinical trials. These rates are lower in racial/ethnic minority populations, negatively affecting the generalizability and validity of trial results. Many studies have identified barriers to minority enrolment, yet few have gathered in-depth insights into minority patients' reasons for trial(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the influence of patient and physician communication factors on diagnostic delay (DD). METHODS 242 patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer (CRC) in the past 6 months who experienced symptoms prior to diagnosis were administered a 2-h semi-structured qualitative interview to assess communication with health care provider and ease of(More)
To explore the cancer information preferences of immigrant women by their level of acculturation we conducted interviews with 34 Spanish-speaking English-as-a-second-language (ESL) women. Chi-square and Fisher's exact tests were used to look for differences by acculturation. Four themes were identified: What is prevention? What should I do; sources of my(More)
BACKGROUND The utility of mammography screening as an efficacious tool for early detection is being contested owing to the risk of potential harms, including psychological distress and exposure to unnecessary procedures associated with false-positive (FPs) results and overdiagnosis. However, there is little research regarding women's experiences, values, or(More)