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Mammalian Rap1 controls telomere function and gene expression through binding to telomeric and extratelomeric sites
Rap1 is a component of the shelterin complex at mammalian telomeres, but its in vivo role in telomere biology has remained largely unknown to date. Here we show that Rap1 deficiency is dispensableExpand
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Basis of catalytic assembly of the mitotic checkpoint complex
In mitosis, for each daughter cell to inherit an accurate copy of the genome from the mother cell, sister chromatids in the mother cell must attach to microtubules emanating from opposite poles ofExpand
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Telomere length and telomerase activity in osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
Osteoarthritis (OA) and osteoporosis (OP) are associated skeletal pathologies and have as a distinct feature the abnormal reconstruction of the subchondral bone. OA and OP have been characterized asExpand
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ATM/ATR-dependent responses to dysfunctional telomeres at the G2/M transition
Mammalian telomeres are nucleoprotein complexes at the end of chromosomes containing a specific protein complex, called shelterin. Shelterin protects chromosome ends from the DNA damage responseExpand
Sperm telomere length: Diagnostic and prognostic biomarker in male infertility (Review)
Telomere length is an important biomarker in a number of diseases, including male infertility. A decreased telomere length has been reported in several diseases and telomere shortening may occur dueExpand