Maria Teresa Zenzes

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate two different assays of human sperm DNA integrity, DNA denaturation (DD) and DNA fragmentation (DF), and to correlate these with standard semen parameters. DESIGN Prospective, observational study. SETTING University infertility clinic. PATIENT(S) Forty consecutive semen samples from 33 nonazoospermic men presenting for(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess cadmium, a heavy metal in cigarette tobacco, in follicular fluid (FF) of women in IVF-ET, who smoke. DESIGN Controlled clinical study. SETTING Infertile patients in a hospital IVF-ET program. PATIENTS Fifty-one women selected in groups according to smoking habits: nonsmokers (n = 10), passive smokers (n = 17), light smokers (< 15(More)
Benzo[a]-pyrene (B[a]P) is a potent mutagen and carcinogen present in cigarettes. We report here on immunodetection and quantification of B[a]P-DNA adducts in granulosa-lutein cells of patients undergoing in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer, who were exposed to cigarette smoke. Follicular fluids (FF) and granulosa-lutein cells were obtained(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess cotinine, a metabolite of nicotine, in follicular fluids (FF) of women who smoke either actively or passively or not all. DESIGN Controlled clinical study. SETTING Infertile patients in a hospital IVF-ET program. PATIENTS One hundred eleven women classified by smoking habits: active smokers (n = 44), passive smokers (n = 17), or(More)
Chromosome errors, inherited or arising de novo during gametogenesis and transmitted at fertilization to the conceptus, may be a major cause of embryonic mortality. The in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF/ET) procedure provides extra material — oo-cytes, zygotes, and embryos — to investigate the contribution of chromosomal abnormality to(More)
Ovarian tissue of prenatal, newborn, and 5-day-old rats does not specifically bind 125I-labelled HCG. Specific binding of HCG was first observed in ovaries of 10-day-old animals and binding increased with age. These results indicate that, contrary to rat testis, the HCG receptor in the rat ovary is not present during foetal and early postnatal development.(More)
There is a strong association between cigarette smoking and reduced fecundity, reduced fertility, and early mean age of menopause, suggesting that smoking may impair oocyte function and viability. We analysed the effect of smoking on meiotic maturation of oocytes. A total of 156 women undergoing in-vitro fertilization therapy, classified as non-smokers (n =(More)
The Ag-AS method, developed by Goodpasture and Bloom (1975) stains transcriptionally active nucleolus organizer regions (NORs) on the chromosomes and in the interphase nuclei. Metaphases and interphase nuclei of early mouse embryos (unfertilized eggs, pronucleus stages, 2-, 4-, 8-cell stages, and morulae) were subjected to silver-staining. First staining of(More)
Various cell types of the rat testis during pubescence, including germ, Sertoli, and Leydig cells, were partially enriched. The fractions were tested for the presence, binding, and secretion of H-Y antigen. The main results are: Immature germ cells are H-Y antigen-negative until the late diploid stages, and late primary spermatocytes or spermatids become(More)
The binding capacity for H-Y antigen was studied in various rat tissues of both sexes. In nongonadal tissues (liver, kidney, brain, epidermis) binding could not be demonstrated. In contrast, the gonads are able to bind exogenously supplied H-Y antigen. In the ovary, the binding capacity remains unchanged in newborn and adult animals, while in the testis,(More)