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Differential Phosphorylation of c-Jun and JunD in Response to the Epidermal Growth Factor Is Determined by the Structure of MAPK Targeting Sequences*
The results suggest that evolution of a particular modular system of MAPK targeting sequences has determined a differential response of JunD and c-Jun to ERK activation.
New and known species of Tylencholaimus De Man, 1876 (Dorylaimida, Nematoda) from Italian beech forest with a key to the species
A survey of nematodes of Italian beech forests provided six species of Tylencholaimus, two of which, T. minutus sp. n. and T. constrictus sp. n., are new and are described and illustrated. T. minutus
Biodiversity of entomopathogenic nematodes in Italy
Steinernematids are more widespread than heterorhabditid entomopathogenic nematodes and S. feltiae and H. bacteriophora are the most commonly encountered species, but EPN occurrence tends to be correlated with a specific vegetation habitat.
Morphological and molecular characterization of Paractinolaimus sahandi n. sp. (Nematoda: Actinolaimidae) from the Sahand Mountains in Iran
The new species, which is the only one in the genus showing the advulval cuticular tiny papillae and is unusually slender, is compared to four species of Paractinolaimus, and has distinct differences from those of the only sequenced P. macrolaimus.
Metacrolobus festonatus gen. n. sp. n. and Scottnema lindsayae Timm, 1971 (Nemata: cephalobidae) from Subantarctic and Antarctic regions with proposal of the new subfamily metacrolobinae
Pour la premiere fois, Scottnema lindsayae Timm, 1971 provenant de l'Antarctique est etudiee au MEB. Metacrolobus festonatus gen. n. sp. n. provenant de la Terre de Feu est decrit et figure. Ce
Two rather similar species of Tobrilus, T. siculus and T. sardus from Sicily and Sardinia, are described. The former species was previously described by Vinciguerra (1972) as T. graciloides (Daday).
Enchodorus, a New Genus of Dorylaimoidea From Italy
A new genus and species Enchodorus dolichurus is described and illustrated that belongs to Nordiidae, subfamily Pungentinae and the transfer of Lenonchium Siddiqi, 1965 to the same family and subfamily is proposed.
Longidorus aetnaeus, a new Longodoridae species from Italy
An undescribed species of Longidorus was found in the rhizosphere of Juniperus sp.