Maria Teresa Pedrosa

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In this study, the antimycobacterial activity of mono and di-substituted tetrazole and oxadiazole derivatives and their precursors was assayed on Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv, and cytotoxicity was evaluated on J774 macrophages and on tumoral cell lines. Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) analysis was performed using Principal Component Analysis (PCA)(More)
Starch makes up the nutritive reserves of many plants. Starch biosynthesis is a complex process, which may be summarized as during the growing season, the green leaves collect energy from the sun, this energy is transported as a sugar solution to the starch storage cells, and the sugar is converted into starch in the form of tiny granules occupying most of(More)
A methodology including software tools for analysing NORM building materials and residues by low-level gamma-ray spectrometry has been developed. It comprises deconvolution of gamma-ray spectra using the software GALEA with focus on the natural radionuclides and Monte Carlo simulations for efficiency and true coincidence summing corrections. The methodology(More)
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