Maria Teresa Borzacchiello

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Accessibility has become a key issue in modern urban planning. This paper aims to identify the impact of differences in spatial accessibility on the development of the built environment in cities. Using a few simple accessibility indicators, it tries to map out in a quantitative way the detailed implications of accessibility conditions for built-up areas,(More)
In this paper, we present a statistical modelling approach in order to explain the presence and development of built-up areas by means of a set of distinct accessibility indicators, so as to use these results in local planning studies, to test urban sustainability measures, and to eventually forecast the impact of accessibility to transport systems on urban(More)
This paper offers the description of an integrated information system framework for the assessment of transportation planning and management. After an introductory exposition, in the first part of the paper, a broad overview of international experiences regarding information systems on transportation is given, focusing in particular on the relationship(More)
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