Maria Taramigkou

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In order to predict user behaviour recommender systems generate views of the world according to expressed and known user preferences resulting in 'filter bubbles'. This kind of bubbles generally help users to easily identify objects they like. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for users to escape their personalized world and change their(More)
The demo paper describes the Creative User Centric Inspirational Search, which aims to leverage user inspiration in information seeking activities. CRUISE is an interactive exploratory search tool that combines diversification of content and sources with a user interface design that visualizes cues from the social chatter generated with microblogging(More)
We present a system designed with the aim to facilitate the social creativity processes underlying creative research. It provides asynchronous and synchronous facilities for multi-user interaction while leveraging creativity with computational tools for inspirational search, inspirational clue generation and problem solving advice. Initial evaluation with a(More)
The use of computational intelligence for leveraging social creativity is a relatively new approach that allows organizations to find creative solutions to complex problems in which the interaction between stakeholders is crucial. The creative solutions that come from joint thinking-from the combined knowledge and abilities of people with diverse(More)
The advent of smartphones has enormously expanded utilitarian capabilities of mobile computing and has provided many advanced capabilities to their users. We take advantage of the advanced interaction capabilities of smartphones to enable their user perform exploratory search with the goal of fostering inspiration. Our search application combines(More)
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