Maria Suely Pedrosa Mundim

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This work provides new experimental and theoretical results about the formation and dissociation of benzene dication. The experiment has been carried out by using a vacuum ultraviolet radiation from a synchrotron source together with a time-of-flight spectrometer and a position sensitive ion detector. Isotopically labeled benzene molecules with a single(More)
A time-of-flight mass spectrometer with a position sensitive ion detector was used to study the dissociative double ionization of benzene by UV synchrotron radiation. The threshold energy for the main dissociative processes, leading to CH(3)(+) + C(5)H(3)(+), C(2)H(3)(+) + C(4)H(3)(+) and C(2)H(2)(+) + C(4)H(4)(+) ion pairs were characterized by exploiting(More)
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